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Welcome to Soul Scribbles!

Embed yourself in the world of art.

Hey there, my dear viewers…. Glad to see you visiting my blog!

Soul Scribbles is a personal art blog where you can explore different forms of art from all over the world, get to know their origin and history, its present status, themes and explanations of some great artworks and get to know about greatest artists of all time.

Also, Handmade Love, is a business section in this blog. Handmade gifts are still the best as its made with pure love, concentration, hard work and each gift made with perfect assurance. So, Get your loved ones, some beautiful handmade gifts. Get your own unique hand painted customised phone cases, Get your projects done manually with maximum assurance. Check out the HANDMADE LOVE section now!!

You can easily go through my blog without any extra difficulty as it’s free and easily accessible. Click on Menu to see it categorised into six accessible subdivisions. Check out Content section for easy availability of items you want to see.

You can go through artworks done by me in the My works section. Similarly you can access through Explore art forms and About artists sections to know about the respective topics elaborately. Or you can directly use the search box to look for what you want. Easy peasy!!!

Surprise Readers! Go though the bonus section- “GET IT PINNED“. Click on the links to discover what’s inside

Why choose Soul Scribbles?

a) It’s easily accessible.

b) It will give you all relevant informations.

c) You can add your suggestions and corrections in the comment box. All the comments will be checked upon and verified.

d) You can easily access through the content section as per your necessity.

e) It’s free.

Kindly notice, this is a new blog and needs a great deal of customisation and a lot more information so that this reaches as many viewers as possible. Thank you for visiting my blog. Don’t forget to leave a comment. Your suggestions means a lot to me.

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